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Caring for and maintaining your Testamodella®

Products, treatments and tips for consistently performing heads

The longevity and functionality of a Caliven Testamodella® depends not only on its build quality, but also on the care you take of it. With the right maintenance practices, your Testamodella® can remain a faithful ally throughout your course of study or for several years of professional practice.

Suggested products

Don't forget to include in your care routine specific products such as gentle brushes and dry shampoos that are ideal for both your Testamodella® and personal use.

Care tips


Recommended products

When washing, prefer products with a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. This helps maintain the integrity of chemically pre-treated Testamodella®'s hair, preventing it from shrinking or felting.


Washing tips

Always use a comb and avoid rubbing or massaging the head. Remember to wash the head following the natural direction of the hair to prevent damage and entangling


Regular maintenance

To remove residue from products such as hairspray or gel, use leave-in masks or dry shampoos. These products help keep Testamodella®'s hair clean and manageable, without the need for frequent washing.

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