Careful manufacturing for high-performance heads

The quality of the Caliven Testamodella®'s is the result of an accurate and meticulous production process that combines advanced technology and craftsmanship. Each head is the result of a path that ensures excellence and precision, meeting strict quality and safety standards evidenced by the adoption of the ISO system and the REACH regulation.

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Caliven Testamodella®

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Production stages of our heads


Structure creation

We begin with the production of the plastic parts that form the structure of the Testamodella®. Each testamodella is built on a custom mold developed by Caliven to precisely define facial features.


Prototype control

Before production, the prototype undergoes rigorous quality control.


Hair selection and treatment

Hair, 100% human, are sanitized, carefully selected according to weight, density and length, chemically treated, and subjected to finishing.


Hand implantation of hair

This crucial step is performed manually to ensure a natural and realistic appearance


Final assembly

The head is filled and closed at the base.



Both hair and rubber parts are washed; the Testamodella® is now ready for the make-up stage.



Each Testamodella® is made up by hand, so as to add a touch of realism and uniqueness.


Final quality control
and packaging

Before being packaged, each Testamodella® goes through an additional final quality control.

From our choice of materials to our attention at every stage of production, we are committed to offering hairdressing heads that not only meet but exceed the expectations of hairdressing professionals. With the right care, Caliven mannequin heads can last for years, becoming a long-term investment in training and professional practice.


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